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DACB carried a baseline survey on 2013 by a Professional Research team that reflects the findings of study on present scenario of Dementia in Bangladesh. The purpose of survey was to make assessment about the diagnosis, treatment, care and service, Awareness and understanding of the stakeholder based on in-depth and key informant interview of health and social care professionals, clinicians, government’s policy makers, general people and relatives of the dementia effected people and analysis of available literatures of the previous studies and relevant documents

Projection of Old Aged populations from 2000 -2050:The number of aging population will gradually be increasing by the year 2050 reach up to 4.92 times. The populations with 40-64 years old were 18.79 million in 2000 while this group of populations will be increased to 80.01 million in 2050 that will be 4.26 times higher than 2000. Again the population age group 60 years and above were 7.47million in 2000 whereas it will be 42.2 million in 2050which is 5.65 times higher than 2000.The senior most population groups like 75 years and above and 80 years and above were 1.35 and .62 million in 2000 respectively will be increase in 13.16 and 6.45 million in 2050 respectively.

Prevalence of Dementia in Bangladesh: According to the dementia prevalence rate of Alzheimer ’s Disease International (ADI)in 2000,Dementia affected population were 227,955 whereas it reach up to 1,780,753 which will be around 8 times higher than that of 2000.This report reflected one of the future  chronic burden of disease in our society. Moreover, in Bangladesh there is no patient register which can help to calculate absolute statistics of the Prevalence of Dementia Disease that may be more than above results.

Treatment Facilities For Dementia Affected People:  In Bangladesh the number of primary hospital at upazilla and union level is 467 and 124 government hospital at secondary and tertiary levels. In primary level hospital neither specialists nor proper equipment and instruments are available for the diagnosis and treatment for neurology or neuro-psychiatric disorders. By the same token in case of secondary and tertiary level hospitals are not yet prepared to provide health facilities and care services to the patient with neurology or neuro-psychiatric disorder particularly the client of Dementia. Among the private sector this treatment or service facilities are very limited according to the demand of the dementia affected population. Furthermore in Bangladesh total registered physicians (health bulletin) are 58,977 among which approximately 22,390 are general practitioners and most of them are not aware about the disease of dementia.

Ability of the GPs to provide treatment to dementia affected individuals:  General practitioners have a vital role to provide treatment support to the people of the country as a whole. Lack of adequate knowledge about symptoms and sign of dementia, most of the GPs are facing difficulties to diagnose the case of Dementia which in turn reflect the image of their skills and attitudes in the field of dementia.

Care giving provision: In one hand number of professional care giver are not adequate according to the demand of Dementia  client on the other hand lack of knowledge and skill  are the dreadful factor to provide health service to the people of Dementia.

Knowledge and awareness level of the general and mass awareness campaign: Around 94.7% of the general people are not aware about dementia and its consequences. No comprehensive awareness campaign is undertaken in broad spectrum vision to ensure the awareness of the general people.

From above discussion of baseline survey of Dementia it is transparent that Bangladesh will be going to meet a challenge of huge burden of Dementia affected people while the government and other private sector couldn’t take any necessary steps to handle the obstacles  to overcome the burden in future.




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