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Dementia Awareness Campaign Programme in Bangladesh had started since 1st February 2013 with the hope of more chance in the field of public health to increase social awareness for the senior citizens. I was intimately related with the vision and mission of this delicate programme from the beginning.  Our vision is not only to aware the people of Bangladesh but also share information by which we fight against Dementia to avoid a big challenge of chronic burden in the community in future. So our specific mission is “To Fight against Dementia” with the aims and objectives are:


To raise awareness about Dementia among population through health and social care professionals.

To provoke necessary co-ordination and communications links for the care and support of people with Dementia and their families need.

     To estimate the present situation of Dementia in Bangladesh and existing health and social care services impacting on dementia affected people with special emphasis in Dhaka city area.

    To raise awareness and understanding on Dementia among volunteers from government nongovernment disiplines, policy makers, media, general people and caregivers.

    To create facilities at public and private health institutions for diagnosis of dementia, delivering medical treatments and care services through policy advocacy and lobbying.

     To explore the feasibility of setting  up a Dementia Advisory Group (DAG) involving health and social care professionals plus appropriate government representatives.

   To determine the impact of the interventions to be undertaken among the health and social care professionals regarding their knowledge, attitude and practices in particular and people in general.

  To create an entity named “Dementia Bangladesh”,   to consolidate the gains made thus far and further provoking questions and discussions so as to lead the campaign to newer heights.

 According to above aims and objectives we reached closer to our goals. We introduced the term “Dementia” up to grassroots level in our community level. Following our objectives we completed several programmes such as International conference 2014, volunteer’s programme, print media workshop, TV talk show, hospital /clinic visit to aware the professionals, published articles into two language versions and distributed more than 60,000 leaflets in community.

Last but not the least we are going to take steps to established “Dementia friendly care” environment and a little more to setup training institutes for caregiver. We hope to achieve our target very soon. You will get all update information regularly in our website.

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