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Inauguration of centre for Stroke Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy & Dementia Café (SRPD)

As a pioneer in Home Care Service, Sir William Beveridge Foundation has taken the Historic step to work for the Stroke and Disable People from 10th March, 2015. Stroke and Neurological Patients with other People with Disabilities are being treated by Multidisciplinary Team Approach including Physician, Physiotherapist, Speech & Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Care workers. The Service of SWBF has been extended and Specialized with Stroke Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Consultancy, Extended Physiotherapy Service at home, Assistive Device, Dementia Day Café along with Home Care & Palliative Care. Honorable HOB is expressing his feelings in the inauguration of SRPD

The Community care givers are listening to HOB along with Medical director& distinguish guests in inauguration of SRPD