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Get our free consultation service and support your beloved one who is living with dementia.


Our dementia specific care at home and the centre support them to live independently.


Our Young Dementia Activists are working remotely to create awareness across country.

Who We Are

With the world’s population increasingly living further into old age, diseases such as dementia are set to become more prevalent. The appropriate care of people with this distressing condition across the world is patchy; even getting an accurate diagnosis is very difficult never mind receiving appropriate treatment and care. Yet it is a condition that can place great strain on health and social care systems particularly hospitals where most people with the condition will be sent, as there are no other alternatives. The Foundation’s work on dementia care in Bangladesh is groundbreaking and as well as raising awareness of the condition, the aim is to establish a necessary knowledge base and extend care and treatments across the country. The vision is to establish a number of dementia clinics over the coming years in different areas to help deal with the diagnosis and care of people with this very distressing condition. These clinics would then act as a platform for spreading this approach into other countries.

Rahman R. Jilani PhD

Founder & Executive Chairman; SWBF

Michael O'Keefe

Chairman; SWBF

Jiban Kanai Das

Country Director; SWBF

Frank J Schaper

Dementia Consultant; Australia

What We Do


— We Research

We research on every aspects of Dementia across the country. Though we based in Dhaka city but we keep data from all resources.


— We Build Networks

We build networks with our national and international organisations who are willingly support our Dementia Bangladesh project.


— We Strengthen

We try to strengthen our Dementia Bangladesh project for the betterment of our society. We work as a team to make it more strong.


— We Educate & Train

We educate the dementia sufferer, individuals or family to aware about the disease. At the same time, we train our carer to support those vulnerable at home.  


— We Consult

We listen to the people living with dementia and provide consultation to look after themselves by their own family members. We also share our dementia resources with them.


— We Provide Care

We make assessment on each dementia cases and cater their care plan according to their needs. Our trained carer staffs provide professional care to those dementia sufferer. 

Impact Stories

Shaheen Mahbuba Kabir - Professor, State University

It is a much needed and great service that Sir William Beveridge Foundation is providing to its client through Dementia Bangladesh Project in Bangladesh. I wish the Foundation ever growing success and hope that they will reach out to more and more people in need of their service.

A Holistic Care — for Mrs. Amena Begum

Age of 70 years and a suspected case of Dementia. The members of the family were largely ignorant as to why she was behaving in a way she did. Finding unable to cope with her indulgences, they managed to reach Dementia Bangladesh. In addition to the counseling so given, she was taken in the dementia care services from us.

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