Dementia Care

the essence of our motivation is the love of humanity through 'care'

Dementia Care

Recurrent natural and man made disasters, rapid growth of population in Bangladesh and socio-economic situation are impacting greatly in the traditional family make up of the society. Coupled with that 8 millions Bangladeshis are living abroad, thousands of young people are going abroad every year for pursuing higher education and jobs. As a result, households in bigger cities are failing to provide adequate Health and Social Care support to their elderly parents and grandparents and even within the extended family network. This is a hopeless situation. Huge number of households with vulnerable senior citizens are not well looked after and failing to live comfortably together like any normal family. 

We are committed to the philosophy of “CARE”. The essence of our motivation is the love of humanity and desire to give everyone a chance to live with dignity as our belief is that all life is precious. We like to provide daily Home Care Services to the vulnerable elderly citizens in their own houses through skilled and trained care assistants/nurses includes Physiotherapy, Stroke Rehabilitation and Dementia support and counseling. 


Personal Care

Assist in walking/transfer | Help in feeding (where required) | Assist in lifting from bed and vice-versa |
Assist in bathing, changing cloth | Hair drying and combing | Dressing/undressing as advised by a Physician |
Cutting nails | Help in taking to the toilet


Domestic Care

Clean and make the bed | Organising clothing and dresses | Bed sheet changing when required |
Warming the food and feeding | Cleaning room of service user

Social Care

Sitting services | Reading books or Newspapers | Help with shopping | Taking the service user to hospital/physicians | Looking after young member in the absence of guardians | Help and accompanying service user to go to work and return


Health Care

Physiotherapy (as advised by specialist) | Neuro-Therapy (as advised by NP) | Checking of Diabetes | Checking of blood pressure | Catheter cleaning | Nasogastric Tube Feeding | Administer Medicine (as advised by Doctor)


Specialised Care

Dementia Specific Care & Counseling | Palliative Care | End of Life Care | Help with Funeral Services