Dementia Bangladesh Team

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Who We Are

“On May 11, 2008 we started our journey in Bangladesh to support vulnerable elders with disabilities in order to enable them to maintain quality of life in their own homes. In serving over 500 elders in Dhaka and Sylhet cities, we observed that a good number of them are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other form of Dementia. Interestingly, many families are quite ignorant of it. I personally felt that Dementia is hidden timebomb not just in Bangladesh but across the world. We recognise the importance of raising awareness of this condition among professionals and decision-makers in Bangladesh in order to provide help to sufferers and their families. The Challenges of the Ageing Population for a Developing Country comes as an important event of our Dementia Awareness Campaign in Bangladesh programme. I believe that an initiative of Dementia Bangladesh programme by Sir William Beveridge Foundation will make a positive change into people live.”  

Rahman R Jilani

“As a disease, Dementia as yet does not have any curative treatment. It generally catches up with the elderly persons over the age of 60 but not all elders are affected. Sadly, it may affect persons of age 40 or even less. It is our estimate that currently over 3,00,000 people are down with Dementia in Bangladesh and the figure may be over 14,00,000 by the year 2050 due to rise in population as well as life expectancy. A 2012 report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised that Dementia is a global health challenge and called on countries to recognise this challenge and include Dementia in public health planning. Evidently, this is not a dramatised disease and unfortunately it mostly affects the marginalised people – the elderly. The foundation thus felt it necessary to lunch a campaign titled, Dementia Awarness Campaign in Bangladesh. Our main objective is to make the health professionals, clinicians, community workers and the general public aware on the disease ‘Dementia’ and its impact on the individual, the family and the society at large. As we strive to enhance the quality of life in Bangladesh, we understand and appreciate Dementia is going to present itself as a big health and social care menace soon enogh. Through our Campaign, we also would like to put all concerned in a stronger, infomed position to seek a diagnosis, have access to necessary care and treatment options.”  

-Major General Jiban Kanai Das (Retd.)

dementia bangladesh team

Dr Sanchita Paul

Physiotherapy in Charge

dr md nasiruddin

Clinical Physiotherapist

Dr Nusrat Noor Shraboni

Clinical Physiotherapist

Khirod Chandra Das

Admin Officer

Sukharanjan Baroi

Senior Care Supervisor

Nikhil Chandra Ray

Manager, Finance & Accounts

Our Approach

Our Objectives

  • Initiate an entity named “Dementia Bangladesh”.
  • Raise awareness and understanding on Dementia.
  • Develop Cognition on Dementia among policy makers, general people and caregivers.
  •  Create facilities at public and private health institutions.
  • Educate the family members as well as caregivers of Dementia.
  • Determine the impact of the interventions to be undertaken to change their knowledge, attitude and practices.
  • Explore the feasibility of setting up a Dementia advisory group and appropriate government representatives.
  • Join the Global Network of Dementia.
  • Develop a Dementia Friendly Community.

— Our Mission

Raise awareness about Dementia among mass population of Bangladesh.


— Our Vision

Marking Dementia friendly care village in Bangladesh.


— Our Story

Our Dementia Bangladesh journey has begun in 2010. Going through lot of ups and downs to draw a clear picture of dementia affected people in Bangladesh, we are still struggling but did not give up yet.

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